AK previews his forthcoming EP, “On Me” talking about his latest single, ‘Dumb’

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After we declared AK will be the biggest artist of 2020, we reconnected with the rising star to talk about his new single, Dumb, available today, and his first singles off his forthcoming EP, On Me.


Dumb is going to be a real cool one. My homies send me a bunch of beats and I came across with that melody (“1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10”) and I wanted to bar it up. There was no specific subject. It was just a vibe. The video has a cool visual – it’s very video game like. I am very excited about it.


I was in the studio with my homies and they were working on a beat. It was just drums, and it reminded me almost of Playboi Carti. I dig that. I’ve never done anything like that. I wanted to make sure I had lyrics as soon as I could. The second I wrote that hook, I went and recorded it, and before I had the first verse done, I was like “Let me just freestyle it.” That first verse was just that.  When my boy envisioned the song, he had a vision of people getting hypnotized by it. The concept of the video is supposed to look like a commercial, all the different backdrops, as people are looking at me on billboards, LCD screen and things like that.

Closed Off:

I made that song in my bedroom back in Jersey. My friends were over and even if some people are over, I just start playing. By the time it was 3am, I started writing the hook. The video concept I am in an office space where a bunch of older people are working for me and I am the boss. Only difference is I put more effort in and I worked harder. It doesn’t matter the age. It just matters how hard you work.

AK also release “Got Bored” available now.  Come back to learn more about AK’s EP, On Me, available on digital retailers February 7th.

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