AK will be 2020’s Biggest Artist. Guaranteed.

by FANFEST World
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I was out with a friend one night and was listening to singer/rapper AK on Spotify on my Bluetooth in the car. I was so happy because I was going to tell her about this new awesome artist. I said ‘Have you heard of AK?’ totally waiting for a ‘No, who is that?’ The answer I got was ‘OMG! Isn’t he so good?’  My plan backfired and now I felt like I am oldie and not hip with the music of today. Needless to say, AK’s music entertained our entire drive.

For those who may not have heard of AK (Austin Kassabian) hails from New Jersey and has already reach #1 on the US iTunes Hip Hop Charts, and the top 25 globally. If you are a fan of Eminem, Post Malone or NF, you will be a fan of AK, like myself.

The 19 year old started on YouTube writing remixed freestyle covers which attracted over 100 million views on his channel. With his debut album set for release on February 7th, I guarantee AK will be becoming a household name.

The great thing about AK’s music though is not only can he rap (like the best of them), but he can sing and each song reminds me of a bit of hip hop, a bit of R&B and a bit of pop. His musical style is innovative and perfect for modern day.

So of course when I got the opportunity to interview him, I was excited. The downside? Well, it happened during Mercury Retrograde (I need something to blame) so my phone didn’t end up recording the conversation and I’m a horrible note taker. So, between not knowing AK and then ruining an interview, I owe him an apology! Sorry AK! I’ll make sure I am double recording our next interview, for your album, I promise!

Now, going back to AK, outside of his musical melodies, his songwriting takes center stage. Whether its an emotional song like Broken, his pure hip hop song Closed Off or his latest dance hit Oooo!, AK is the best of every popular artist out there, put together.

So, yes AK is an amazing songwriter, a fantastic rapper and singer, but most of all – He’s the biggest thing the music industry will see in 2020. I promise you that.

Now hopefully he will forgive me about losing the interview and we’ll chat again soon. In the meantime, I’m working on AK being my top artist on my Spotify wrapped next year. Join me, why don’t you?

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