American Housewife’s Daniel DiMaggio wants to be a leading man

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ABC’s American Housewife is one of the most under-rated sitcoms on television today. Although the network shuffled the show to Fridays this season, the audience has followed, keeping pretty consistent ratings week by week. The show just entered its fourth season in September and should be considered to take over the convenient Modern Family spot once that show ends. With consistent laughs each week, the show tackles a Middle American average family dealing with family drama, school, work, friends and ultimately just living life. Much like the shows that came before it – The Middle and even Modern Family – it’s the entire cast that makes the show so great.

Daniel DiMaggio plays Oliver Otto, the oldest of the family. “I’d describe Oliver as driven. He knows where he wants to go in life. He’s sarcastic, he’s a little materialistic, but also he’s trying to show more aptitude as well.”

Photographer: Annie Shak

Oliver is the mischievous, ambitious – some may even say the most nimble-minded – of the Otto family. This season, Oliver has focused on getting into Harvard. He took on ballet previously to help make his application look good, but due to his character’s injury, that storyline has now moved on, but Oliver is committed to Harvard. “I think my character wants to [go to Harvard]. He’s definitely going out of his way to get there.”

In a most recent episode, American Housewife plays to the recent headlines, where Oliver put himself in different scenarios – in photos – to help his application to Harvard. “That was pretty funny. That was just Oliver going off the news. It was pretty current too, it was funny. Just seeing myself photoshopped on like a rowing boat, or a TED Talk. It was pretty funny.”

For DiMaggio though, his ultimate goal is to play a leading man, but he’s not picky about drama, rom com or genre.  “It doesn’t matter. I’ve tried to do a little bit of both.”

For now though he is enjoying American Housewife. “I think that just everybody’s so happy, you know. We’re doing well. We’re just happy to be on air and we got picked up for [the full season]. So I think the crew, the cast, everybody, we’re all on a good tight ship right now.”

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