Blast from the Past: Hasan Minaj talks Facebook status updates & paying homage to rap artists of the 90’s

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Let’s rewind to 2011. We were known as StarsEntertainment.com at the time. We did some interviews with comedians at New Wave Entertainment’s office in LA. One of the comedians they introduced us to was named Hasan Minhaj.

As we look back of the past 19 years with this Blast from the Past feature, we thought we would start with Hasan Minhaj who today can be seen on Netflix’s Patriot Act. The weekly show is a commentary on political & consumer issues from across the globe. Minhaj adds his comedic flare and breaks down the biggest news headlines into chunks that both you and I can understand.

In 2011, he was promoting his digital album. “It’s called Leaning On Expensive Cars And Getting Paid To Do It. I had to read that because it’s a really long title but it’s hilarious,” he says. “There aren’t any cars [on the cover]. My goal with the album cover… It kind of paid homage to a lot of the rap albums during the mid-to-late nineties that were very ostentatious and over the top. So like there was a old Puff Daddy video, back when he was called Puff Daddy, where there’s like explosions going off behind him and he’s just sort of like walking so cool. Like ever so cool and calmly forward. And so I wanted to sort of pay homage to that. And I thought it was kind of tongue-in-cheek the way it just, they, rappers, live their lifestyle, you know what I mean?”

 “They get paid to lean on expensive cars. And they just get paid to sort of just post up in clubs and just have women dance around them. Like that’s their just day to day life. So I thought it’d be really funny to poke fun at that. So there’s this Indian James Bond sort of rapper sort of persona that I’m kind of poking fun at.”

Watch the video above to find out what his Facebook status updates were like, and how everyone (still is) addicted to other’s updates, and more laughs.

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