Chelsea Rendon on the final season of ‘Vida’ and working with Shia LaBeouf

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Chelsea Rendon stars in STARZ’s “Vida,” a story about two Mexican-American sisters living in East LA. Rendon plays Mari plays a “woke” activist. As the show started its third and final season, Mari is taking center stage. “Mari is definitely going through it. She starts the season pretty much on an island, but it helps her grow. This season is all about growth for every character.  Mari fighting ICE is my favorite of all her storylines,” says Chelsea.

On the May 3rd episode, Mari evolves. “Without spoilers, Mari hits a low point. It was tough to film, but it came out beautiful. I hope the audience feels for her. She’s a tough one, but she’s also vulnerable. “

Chelsea herself grew up in East LA, the opposite of living in Los Angeles. “The biggest difference is that I didn’t see activists when I was growing up and gentrification is definitely a lot worse.  The show also taught me some Spanish slang words I did not know before.”

Chelsea says the key to the show’s success is how grounded it has been. “All the characters are human, flawed. There is no real villain, except Nelson, of course. It’s also universal, everyone deals with grief, love problems, family issues, so people can all relate to something from it. “

As for the final season, airing Sunday nights on STARZ, “I think the family we created makes it hard to believe it’s really over. It’s sad, but beautiful. I am happy where Mari ends up.”

You can also catch Rendon on the upcoming Shia LaBeouf led-film The Tax Collector. “Shia is such a talent. His work ethic is like nothing I’ve seen before, he gives 100% to everything. I really admire him for that. It was a pleasure working with David Ayer again, too. I learned a lot about myself during rehearsals, he really pushes you and brings out your best. Plus Bobby Soto and Noemi Gonzalez have been my friends for years , so it was great working with them.”  

Much like the rest of us, Chelsea, while stuck in quarantine is living a life of balance: relaxing and being productive. “If I’m being honest, I’m being a couch potato and watching way too much TV. I wanted to feel productive so starting the second month of quarantine, I decided to try to learn sign language. I’m also trying to get off my butt and be more active. But technically as an actor watching TV is considered research, right?!”

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