Danay Garcia teases ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season six and talks her new flick, ’50 States of Fright’

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Danay Garcia has been playing Luciana on the AMC hit Fear the Walking Dead for the past six seasons, which premieres in August. But first, debuting this week is her new story, 50 States of Fright on the newly released app Quibi.

In Quibi, each episode, or story, is under 10 minutes in length. 50 States of Fright, shown here, with actor Greyston Holt, is available on streaming now through Quibi app. “I love innovation. Quibi stands for quick bites – I thought it was brilliant to have a series of 10-minute episodes. I personally don’t like leaving shows in the middle, especially when it’s a good show,” says Garcia. “50 States of Fright is a series in which each state has a scary story. The first story with Travis Fimmel and Rachel Brosnahan is set in Michigan. My story is set in Florida. We have three episodes of 10 minutes each. I love the way they broke down the story; it leaves you wanting to see more. The cast is amazing!”

As for Fear of the Walking Dead, we asked her to give us a tease on what to expect for season six. “Wow. This coming season 6 is so exciting. For the first time you get to see the characters dealing with their own personal issues. The writers took the time to go deeper into who they really are. We’ve been on the show for five years, so you get to know them really well, but you hardly see them alone. When you are on your own, you discover a different part of you that you didn’t know existed. That’s what you’ll see this season.”

As for her character, Luciana, Danay gives no other teases. “Luciana is the best character to explore on a show. I feel so lucky to play her. When you do a movie, you get to live a character’s journey for a short but intense period of time. But when you are part of a show and it’s going on its sixth season, you want a character like Luciana to play. She is intelligent, strong and vulnerable. I honestly love how long we’ve gone and how much we still have to explore. She is endless.”

With any show that’s been on the air for quite some time, it may feel redundant for some actors, but not for Garcia, who is still excited, as are the fans, for what’s to come. “We’ve moved countries, cities and states. The Fear the Walking Dead universe is a show that can be adapted anywhere because it’s a universe that deals with human survival and the fight for a better existence. I love when we push the boundaries of humanity. I love when we discover new characters that show us a different way to survive. “

Right now, however, Danay is battling with real life quarantine, much like the rest of the world. “I started doing live Instagram videos with my fans three times a week where I sing karaoke, talk about how to cope with the new normal and we all try to laugh together. I give them tips on the things that work for me. It’s been so sweet to connect with them while we go through such a challenging time. During my alone time, I read and write a lot and have been doubling down my yoga and meditation. It’s been very healing.”

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