Dwayne Johnson teases Kevin Hart scene with Danny Glover in ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’

by FANFEST World
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Jumanji: The Next Level opens in theatres everywhere on Friday, December 13. Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart return with Jack Black and Karen Gillan, and are bringing some friends along this time.

“We wanted to obviously expand the Jumanji universe, have fun, create new characters, bring in new actors who people love, Awkwafina, Danny DeVito, Danny Glover, a few others as a surprise, but we also wanted to make sure that it had that fundamental thing that really made the first Jumanji super appealing to audiences around the world. That fundamental thing is heart. We got lucky in the first one, we made some people laugh, and I think we’re going to make some people laugh in this one. And ultimately we’re going to have a lot of heart,” says Johnson, formerly also known as ‘The Rock.’

It seems Danny Glover will be bringing some on screen fun with Kevin Hart’s character. ” When people see Kevin crush his embodying Danny Glover … they’re going to love it. They are really going to love it. And it’s really cool. ” Tease much Dwayne?

Jumanji does feel the perfect holiday movie and Kevin Hart says to bring the family affair to the big screen. “A lot of times when you’re marketing and promoting a movie, there’s things that you have to say, but in this case there’s things that we want to say. We want people to come out to the theater because it’s a feel good film. It’s for families, it’s for friends, it’s for brothers, sisters, I mean, you name it. You can come and share and join in the environment that will be filled with nothing but positivity, with a great message. I think that’s what’s important about anything that you do. You want to have a message that people can take when they leave the theater. When we have a family action adventure movie, we will love to have a message that’s bringing people closer together. “

If adding to the cast doesn’t entice you to come back and watch the sequel, Dwayne Johnson has a message for you. “For people who enjoyed the first movie, Jumanji, I think what we’re finding, fortunately, is they’re walking out of the theater, the people who’ve seen the movie early and just saying, “Wow, this exceeded our expectations.” And by the way, they’re going in, expectations are high because the first one did pretty good and made a lot of people happy. And also too, just the size and the scope and scale, and the spectacle, and everything is practical. From the deserts to the dunes, where the first Star Wars was shot … they’re going to edit that out. So everything was practical from the deserts to the dunes, to the Alberta, Calgary snowcap mountains, to the jungles, we went back to Hawaii. And it’s the kind of movie you have to experience on a big screen.” Johnson referred to Star Wars – probably against the studio’s advice – because Jumanji and the new Star Wars flick go head to head at the box office on Friday December 13.


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