Jai Rodriguez’s star is shining and rising

by FANFEST World
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I never watched Queer Eye for the Straight Guy but I knew of Jai Rodriguez. There are many reality stars that are type-cast however very few can break that mold. The fortunate part for all of us, is Jai Rodriguez has been able to do just that.

Although yes he has played himself in many roles, more importantly, he’s been casted in many productions that one would consider legitimate roles. That’s very rare for someone’s popularity started on a reality show.

This month alone, Rodriguez can be seen in the fourth season of Netflix’s Eastsiders, and Hulu’s Dollface (opposite Kat Dennings). His resume also includes appearances on popular shows The Resident and Grey’s Anatomy.

He takes pride in being cast as not only in gay roles, but straight and being taken as a serious actor in this industry. The one place where he is eager to make a return? Broadway, he says. Previously, he has starred in Rent, Hair and Xanadu.

Although Rodriguez is politically active, he says he is still undecided in this upcoming election. Originally, he wanted Kamala Harris, even posting a picture with her on his Instagram. He then leaned towards Elizabeth Warren and is keeping an open mind as this election cycle continues. He wants to be clear though that just because he is gay, and so is candidate Pete Buttigeg, the issues are what matters to Rodriguez, so he’s listening to everyone’s ideas.

With the holidays coming up, he plans to just lay on a beach and enjoy the sun before his 2020 becomes his biggest year yet.

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