Michael Campion says goodbye to Fuller House, hello to magic

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The beginning of an end of an era starts today. Netflix’s Fuller House premieres its final season today, December 6. The past five seasons have reimagined many stories, brought new ones to the front, but ultimately, helped keep a nostalgia alive. Lately there have been many reboots, but not many have stayed true to the values of the original series like Fuller House has done the past few years.

Michael Campion, who plays Jackson, the oldest son of DJ Tanner (Candace Cameron-Bure), says the show ending is bittersweet. “This is just a great springboard for my career now. Moving forward I think that things will be even better. I’ll never forget and I’ll always have these guys as family.

“Last season, Kimmy had a baby. This whole season basically explores the baby, Stephanie and Jimmy, because the whole thing was Kimmy was Stephanie’s surrogate, because she couldn’t have a baby. It was a big deal. So, we’re going and exploring all that. The relationship stuff between Steve and DJ is going to be a wild one.”

But wait, one of the most important questions remain – will Steve (Scott Weingner) and DJ finally be together forever? “Yes, it stays,” referring to their relationship staying together. Whew!

Young love was consistent throughout the original series, and continues through this reboot, with Jackson and Rocki (Landry Bender). Fans however will have to let that relationship die. “She kind of gives me a little rough housing. I’m just the goofy one who takes it and then say, “Ahhh, she loves me.” Nothing too crazy. The focus is more on Steve and DJ. We kind of veered away from the relationship aspect of things. So not as much Rocki as I want, to be honest with you.”

Fans of Michael Campion need not worry. “I have a lot of really great character-building stuff,” he says. “I feel like in the past seasons Jackson really made a transition from a little boy to now this teenager, and then to young adult. Now we’re going into college. This is the last season and I think that this really explores his maturity and ability to deal with the real world, and natural problems, and coming to the conclusion that he really truly did lose his father. That’s another thing that this season explores a lot more than the other ones.”

When asked what Campion is going to miss the most from the series, it’s the stability. “I know this sounds kind of weird, but just the appease-ability, knowing what I’m getting into everyday and seeing everyone and doing the exact same thing. For other projects, it’s kind of a weird schedule. It’s not very strict. Sometimes we’ll do shots like at the very end of the night. As well, they’ll call you in at 5 P.M. But, no it’s always the same schedule. I’m really going to miss that – going to work and seeing everyone, just having a good laugh and then going home and watching cartoons are something. Now, it’s going to be all over the place.”

What is he going to steal from the set? “For sure my wardrobe because I don’t know who else is going to wear it? It was tailored for me.”

Campion took it as a life lesson and is gracious that he got an opportunity to be on a sitcom this young that is full of family. “I hit the jackpot. It was the softest introduction to the business. Everyone loves each other, everyone. There’s no drama on set. It was all fun, all scenes, all the time. That’s how most shows should be.”

Since the show has wrapped, Michael now has time to continue other interests, such as magic. “Kind of a funny story. I was eight years old, my Aunt and Uncle…They used to be professional clowns, for Ringling Brothers Circus and bought me my first magic kit. I instantly fell in love. I started doing magic camps at the magic store close to me. From then on, I kind of took a break there for a bit, because I got Fuller House and it was just hard to do all of it at once but then I learned about this place called the Magic Castle, out here in LA. Its this exclusive club that magicians go and perform. You have to audition. There’s a rigorous audition process and it’s like invite only. It’s a crazy amount of steps to get in and I got in last year.” You can catch Michael Campion regularly these days at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

“My favorite are those little bar tricks that you can just instantly fool people with. It takes a lot of magic skills to do stuff like that. I think the reason I like it the most is because people just don’t see it coming. You don’t have to tell anyone you’re a magician. They have nothing going for them. And then it’s the instance they get fooled is so fun. That’s what I look for every time and I think that encompassing magic involves that kind of deal that satisfies that part of me.”

This month you can also catch Michael Campion in “A Snow White Christmas,” alongside Neil Patrick Harris and Michelle Williams, in Pasadena December 13-22.

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