Rebecca Metz on Better Things, Coop & Cami Ask the World, Shameless

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Rebecca Metz is not known for family shows, but now for two seasons she has played a mother on Disney’s Coop & Cami Ask the World and she can be seen in the adult dramedy FX’s Better Things, which premieres season four on March 5th.

“It’s great to be in season four of Better Things. The show has so much heart and it’s based so closely on [creator] Pam Adlon’s lived experience as a complexed woman. With Pam, there’s no risk of running out of ideas like on many other shows. It’s such a pleasure and honor to work on this show.” 

“The characters, Tressa and Sam have had a long friendship and a professsional relationship as well. Tressa is Sam’s manager for her acting career, but that all falls apart in season three. Tressa dumps Sam as a client. We don’t know where their relationship goes from there and what happens to Sam’s career. That’s where season four picks up.”

As for Coop & Cami Ask the World, “I was on the fence about it initially. I had not done kids TV previously. I was used to doing more adult cable TV. I was attracted to Coop & Cami because it was so different. It was a turn in a different direction. It’s night and day from what I was used to doing. It doesn’t require emotional heavy lifting. It’s a pretty lovely and easy day at work and every episode has a happy ending. And, it’s fun watching the child actors growing up and feeling more confident in their work.”

Metz’s resume includes Shameless, Nip/Tuck and Gilmore Girls, amongst a long list of guest starring and recurring roles. When asked about her favourite role, the answer was instantly Shameless. Fans will remember her character, Melinda who worked closely with Fiona (Emmy Rossum) in the restaurant.

“Shameless for me was my first big recurring role. I learned to be more comfortable on set and comfortable with my character as we went along. I also learned more about my character as the writers started writing more for her and I loved working with Emmy Rossum. Shameless is a very well run set so just to be around that level of work, I came out of  it a stronger actor.”

You can catch Rebecca Metz on FX’s Better Things, season four premiering March 5th.

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