Stephen Kramer Glickman talks the ‘Voices In My Head’

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Comedian Stephen Kramer Glickman is instantly recognized by his time as Gustavo Rocque on Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush, but now he is launched his podcast The Night Time Show and his debut stand-up comedy album Voices In My Head, both available now.

When you start writing your stand up, what’s your process? Do you have topics you know you want to talk about already? Is it just based solely on your life? Is it pen to paper

 I am most comfortable when I’m on stage talking about something real that has actually happened to me, but has been honed it and given punchlines.  Punchlines and timing are what takes a storyteller and turns them into a comedian. Learning which pathway to take the audience down for a particular story is truly where the comedy lives. Pen to paper only happens when it’s time for me to write a set list, but then it’s just key words and beats to know where I am heading. Topics for stand up are usually based on whatever makes me laugh or a friend laugh when I’m telling a story at dinner or over the phone. My brain has a little bell that goes off when it feels a stand up bit is brewing. Then I, write it down briefly and don’t pick it up again till show time. 

How long did it take you to write this new stand up album?

I recorded this album August 3rd, 2019 and I had done 32 shows in the month of July to prep. However, the material has been gathering for the last 6 years. 

How do you think comedy differs between audio and visually watching someone perform?

Prop comedy is pretty bad with out visuals. 

Podcasts are growing and you’re almost at 200 episodes of The Night Time Show. Tell me the concept between the podcast. Who has been your favorite guest? What do you enjoy the most about podcasting?

The concept of the podcast is to talk to people who are currently or have at one time been at the top of their game in their industry, whatever that may be. It’s fascinating talking to people who have accomplished something phenomenal in their life and are learn what makes them tick. I feel like I have grown as a professional a great deal by listening to other people’s career history.

Favorite guest ever was probably The Office cast Reunion at LA Comic Con in front of 10,000 people. It was an absolute adrenaline rush. 

How has podcasting developed you as a comedian, if at all?

 I think it’s helped me get better at crowd work and it’s made me a better listener.

You’ve worked with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles a few times now. What’s the most rewarding experience working with them?

 My Podcast, The Night Time Show, has hosted 4 fundraisers for the hospital to raise money and get toy donations. A few years ago at our benefit we were able to get 25 Lego sets donated to the hospital but when I toured the hospital I realized how much more they really need. So in 2019 we got Lego to donate a thousand individually boxed toys. It was epic.

You have a line of T-Shirts you’ve created with Hot Topic based around memes. Do you have a favorite? How did this deal come about?

 My favorite for sure is the Golden Glickman shirt because a friend got the image tattooed on his arm.  I had wanted to work with Hot Topic for many years, and when I finally got the opportunity I jumped at it. When I was growing up Hot Topic was the only store that I could go to where I fit in.  I have always been a fan and I’m so excited to be working with them.

What’s next? Any other projects that are in the horizon?

I was the celebrity guest host of World’s Funniest Animals for The CW and I recently got to work with the U.S. Government on a public service announcement about the Coronavirus, and that was definitely interesting.  My Podcast airs new episodes every Wednesday and I am super excited about recording some crazy episodes over the next few weeks.

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