WWE Superstar Mandy Rose talks about Fire & Desire, and donuts

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WWE Superstar Mandy Rose created headlines a few weeks ago when she slapped her longtime partner Sonya Deville before entering the ring and bringing down Dolph Ziggler, who was just defeated by Otis, Mandy’s affection.  We caught up with Mandy Rose shortly after that night to talk about her future with Fire & Desire, her fitness app Fit with Mandy, and her obsession with donuts.

How do you feel about Sonya turning on you?

It’s definitely been very upsetting and unsettling to be honest. She was like a sister to me, we did everything together, I just can’t seem to grasp why she did what she did. Never did I ever think she was jealous of me, it’s definitely been a really hard pill to swallow. 

What does the future hold for team Fire & Desire?

Well the way it’s looking, I have no idea but I do know that I will never trust her again. Sonya betrayed me so if this means I have to go on my own and fight on my own then that’s what it will be. Besides, I think it’s time for a new Smackdown Women’s champion. 

Any sights now on a SmackDown championship?

100%, all eyes on the Smackdown women’s championship. 

Are fans going to see a match with you and Otis vs Sonya and Dolph? We almost had one a few weeks ago!

Good possibility. 

How was it with a crowd-less Wrestlemania?

It was definitely different and a bit of a challenge but as performers we learn to adapt in any environment and whatever we have to do to put smiles on peoples faces. 

For a lot of your career there’s been heavy focus on your looks vs her stellar wrestling skills (especially by commentator Corey Graves). How does you feel about that perception and Corey’s comments?

Honestly, I’ve never taken offense to any of the compliments. No one has talked negatively about my “wrestling.” I know I am a beautiful woman and carry myself very well and that stands out to people. I take pride in how I look. Of course looks aren’t everything and there is definitely way more to Mandy Rose then just a pretty face. 

Since being part of WWE, what’s one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned would be taking everyone’s feedback with a grain of salt. Sometimes it’s overwhelming when your learning in developmental and you get so many mixed opinions about your character but YOU should know your character the best. 

You also have a YouTube series with Sonya, why donuts? That seems contradictory to

fitness and nutrition! Lol!

Yes, our youtube series is called Damandyz Donutz! No it’s not contradicting because “It’s all about balance!” The worst thing you can do is stress about your diet and nutrition. You have to be able to enjoy life and plus cheat meals are great for shocking your system! 

What’s been the best donut you have found so far and where was it?

Meches Donuts in Lafayette, Louisiana. 

How/When did fitness become important to you?

Fitness became important to me around 2012 when I started seeing a trainer and really seeing the progress with my own eyes. I’ve always stayed active as a kid and played sports but I was always a little insecure about my legs. When I started bodybuilding and getting muscle definition, my legs were my favorite part of my body and I really developed so much confidence. Since then I was obviously hooked. 

What’s your favorite thing about working out and what do you dislike?

My favorite thing after a workout is the feeling and rush I get after a workout, I feel so good. The worst thing about working out is when I’m having a bad day or feeling unmotivated, it’s sometimes so difficult to get through my workout but I think there’s many people out there that can relate! 

What have you been doing to keep yourself busy while in quarantine?

I’ve been still trying to stay busy with my workouts, enjoying time to myself and just relaxing. Sometimes a break like this is needed with my busy schedule always traveling and being on the road. 

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