Yannick Bisson reminisces on his fav moments of Murdoch Mysteries, and previews 200th episode

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Murdoch Mysteries celebrates 200 episodes this Saturday March 7, airing on Ovation TV. Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) investigates the disappearances of Nikola Tesla (Dmitry Chepovetsky) and Marie Curie (Eva Placzynska) from a conference of 20th century innovators.

We caught up with Yannick Bisson to reminisce about the past 200 episodes and find out some of his favorite moments.

Many shows don’t get a chance to get to 200 episodes. How does it feel to be celebrating 200 episodes this weekend?

It’s funny, when we got to 100 episodes we were having the same conversation, and I had no idea where things would go from there. Here we are at 200, and I’m speechless honestly.

The interest for Murdoch Mysteries actually grows every year, which is another rarity at a show that’s been around for 13 years. Why do you feel that is?

It seems to me that people share the show with friends and family across the country, across the pond, across the Internet. They seem to talk about it, and people sit down as a family and watch it, and it splinters from every generation and culturally. It just seems to hit on a lot of different fronts equally well. It seems to have universal appeal, but also it appeals to very, very different viewers as well.

Do you have any favorite episodes personally?

The ones I’m the closest to are the episodes that I direct because you have a certain attachment to them that’s a little bit different than your 9 to 5 job. I did a Western episode that was called ‘Glory Days’ that I absolutely loved that threw in a bunch of Western cliche stuff, and not so accidental editing mistakes that are common to that genre. I also love one that had a lot of zombies, and that was a lot of fun to throw in some real strong visual theme stuff into our world of Murdoch.

There are many guests from the pasts that Murdoch is friends with, do you have any favorites?

Well, we had Mark Twain. We had obviously Nikola Tesla. One of my favorite characters is actually a fictional character, and that’s Pendrick because he reinvents himself and comes back. Well, this time he’s doing space research. Well, this time he’s doing a high speed bullet train across the channel, and this time he’s an art collector. He just keeps coming back, and he’s relentless, and he gets foiled each time. Somebody backstabs him, or robs him, or something like that. He’s definitely one of my favorite characters, and Peter Stebbings being one of my favorite people to work with anyway. We collaborate so well together, and we have such a good time together. So he’s one of my favorite characters, and then we had a young Winston Churchill, which was a lot of fun. I thought that was an interesting way to wade him in there.

One of my favorite inventions was the potato-cooking room.

I loved that one. It was actually really difficult to film because it was so disgusting, and we were all laughing so hard that you can actually see in the tape that they ended up using. If you know us all personally, you can see that we’re just barely keeping it together for the required two and a half seconds because it was just so far out there that what we were doing.

Do you have any favorite inventions from the show?

Oh, boy. We made a fax that one time. That was brilliantly done because you’re talking about something that’s so linear, and so graph-like, and seems so modern, but the fact that our heroes managed to create at the time, which was cogent facial recognition map, in a crunch of time. I thought that was really, really well done. So we had this wall-sized fax that came in one little piece of paper at a time. That was pretty neat.

What can we expect from the 200th episode this Saturday?

 In the 200th episode actually is a fun one that all the scientists cobble together. All the greatest minds of time are all in a room together. I don’t want to give you too many details about that, but it’s kind of fun what they end up doing.

Watch a preview above of Murdoch Mysteries’ 200th episode airing on Ovation TV Saturday March 7th.

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